Browlift surgery, also known as forehead lift, brings about a more youthful appearance to your face by properly repositioning the sagging eyebrows and getting rid of frown lines that may appear on the forehead. This is a very common cosmetic procedure undertaken by plastic surgeons for men and women generally over the age of forty.

The eyebrows may droop due to quite a few reasons such as natural aging process, environmental factors and heredity. Not only does it spoil the looks of a person but may also change the structure of the face giving the false assumption of a sad, angry or lethargic mood. In extreme cases patients complain that excess sagging of brows obstructs their vision. In such cases, it is best to consult a skilled and popular plastic surgeon who undertakes browlift surgery as an aesthetic as well as a reconstructive cosmetic procedure.

Plastic surgeons determine the requisites of patients and design an individualized treatment plan which may involve either an open brow lift or an endoscopic brow lift. Though both the procedures involve lifting of the brows to their rightful position and smoothening of the forehead to get rid of frown lines and wrinkles, the difference lies in the extent of invasiveness. This cosmetic procedure has come a long way and is safer and far more reliable than before

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