Filler Treatments

A variety of injectable fillers now exist for the treatment of facial folds and deep lines as well as enlargement of the size of the lips. While many of the injectable fillers are different and last varying lengths of time after injection, there is no question about their immediate satisfying results. Despite the instantaneous results that they create, many patients fear (understandably) the actual injection process. No matter how you look at it, the sticking of a needle into very sensitive facial areas can certainly give one pause for thought.

While it is true that most injectable fillers use very small needles (typically 30 gauge, the smallest needle made by mass manufacture methods), they will cause some discomfort. I have found that some patients, remarkably, tolerate injections with little discomfort while others experience significant discomfort. Given that no injectable filler is permanent, meaning one injection for life, the need for repeat injection treatments is necessary. Since repeated injections are necessary, I feel that the recurrent needling experience be as comfortable as possible.

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