Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia is an uncommon condition which can occur in men, in which tissue in the breast area swells due to a hormonal imbalance of oestrogen and testosterone. This swelling can look like female breasts, and can even occur in men who have low body fat levels. This can occur at any time during a male’s life, although it is most likely to occur during a period when changes in hormonal levels are naturally occurring, such as puberty. Taking certain substances that change hormone levels may also cause this issue as a side effect. Although Gynecomastia itself does not pose a serious health risk, many men who have been affected this problem feel upset or embarrassed by their symptoms. If you are one of these men, then you may want to consider gynecomastia treatment.

If you are experiencing embarrassment or even being bullied in relation to the physical symptoms of gynecomastia, it is recommended that you seek treatment. Although gynecomastia itself should not affect your mental or emotional health, it is possible for other people’s reactions to have a serious effect on you and your quality of life. Treatment of the physical symptoms of gynecomastia is a good way to tackle the embarrassment or negative reactions that you may face from others, and therefore alleviate the mental health symptoms associated with this.

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